It’s always been a contentious point: what is the right age to get your child’s ears pierced? If, in fact, it’s right to do it at all.

Some parents are happy to take toddlers, or even babies, to get their ears pierced while others strongly believe that it shouldn’t happen until the child is old enough to decide for themselves. In some countries, there have even been petitions calling for a ban on ear piercing for babies and toddlers.

A few have even gone as far as to say that piercing a child’s ears without their consent, or when they’re still too young to understand, is child abuse. It may be difficult to keep a new piercing clean which can lead to infection.

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What's The Right Age To Get Your Child's Ears Pierced?

So, what is the right age to get your child’s ears pierced?

Ultimately, there is no law which says when you can or cannot, have your child’s ears pierced. Many shops and retailers do have an age limit though. In many cases, this can mean that it is not possible to have your child’s ears pierced until they are at least six years old.

Other than that, it’s down to your own conscience and what you believe to be right, a choice which may well be influenced by what other parents you know are choosing, or just the cultural attitudes in your local community. Of course, the overwhelming majority of parents would never do anything to harm their child, but you may want to consider waiting at least until your child is old enough to understand what is happening, and why, so as to avoid unnecessary upset and tears – yours as well as theirs!

At what age did you have your ears pierced? Let us know in the comments below.

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