If you think that travelling with kids is like herding cats, then you’ve obviously done it before. Whether you’re flying with toddlers or on a road trip with your teens, here are our five best life hacks to make travelling with kids a breeze.

1. Zip pack clothing

Pack your toddler’s outfits in ziplock bags and you’ll really streamline your packing. Slip each outfit into a bag and press down to force out all the air before sealing tight. The beauty of the ziplock system is that you can pop dirty clothes back into the bags and seal away until laundry day. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff you can pack into their personalised Evie & Em suitcase!

2. Burn off energy

Pack a frisbee or a soccer ball so that every time you have a pitstop you can burn off some energy. It’s a great way for all the family to have fun together and tires out little legs. Plus exercise releases endorphins, so you’ll all feel less stressed out when you restart your journey!

travelling with kids

3. Start a travel journal

This doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just a sketchbook that your kids can use to stick postcards and other info from their travels. Adding their own drawings and memories will help them to create a record that lasts into adulthood. And who knows? You may even encourage them to embrace new foods or experiences that they were unwilling to try before.

4. Get them involved

It can be difficult keeping teens engaged when they’d rather be hanging out with their friends than on a family holiday with the olds. Try engaging them in the planning process – maybe give them responsibility for planning the route you’ll take or organising places to stay. Ask them for their input on what they’d like to do and you might be surprised to find they have hidden interests that all the family can share and enjoy.

5. Pack a backpack

At Evie and Em Co our wide selection of child-friendly luggage is perfect for travelling with kids. From Phthalate-free materials to roomy pockets with space for everything your child needs to keep themselves occupied, our backpacks make the ideal travelling companions – just don’t let them pack their fossil collection!

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