Whatever your budget, it can sometimes be difficult to get comfortable on a long flight. We have some fabulous products and ideas to help you get relaxed and arrive refreshed. Read our top tips on how to get comfy on a flight.

1. Bring a mini wash kit

Create a bag of mini toiletries to use during your flight. Bear in mind the size restrictions when packing your kit. Mini/trial size items are usually available in the airport itself to purchase. Toothbrush & toothpaste, dry shampoo, wet wipes, hand sanitizer and deodorant will help you arrive at your destination fresh and clean.


how to get comfy on a flight

2. Use an inflatable travel pillow

It can be difficult to get comfy on a flight and still be considerate to your travel neighbours. If the space around you is restrictive, the last thing you want is the person in front of you putting their seat back. A simple way to try and get catch some zzz’s is to use an inflatable travel pillow such as Plane Pal. The great thing is they don’t take up too much space in your hand luggage.

3. Book a Skycouch

Air New Zealand allows you to book three economy seats together that turns into a bed the whole family can sleep on. This looks so comfy!

4. Look after those feet

Ditch your shoes, curl up with a blanket and take along some snuggly socks to wear during the flight. Move around the cabin when you can. If you can’t move around due to turbulence etc try some seated aeroplane yoga. Not only will this help you get comfy it will reduce the risks of DVT.

5. Avoid Germs

Use your hand sanitizer and wipe down your table and arms rests before departure. It’s a misconception that the air on planes are healthy as its cleaned by filters. There can be an issue with surfaces and doorknobs so bear that in mind when you’re moving around the cabin.

What are your top tips for getting comfy on a flight? Let us know in the comments below.

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