Is there anything as exciting as packing for a wonderful family holiday together? Whether you’re off on a holiday to the sunny beaches of Spain, or a staycation to the beautiful beaches of Australia, a packing checklist is essential. To ensure your holiday is stress-free, make use of our family holiday packing checklist!

The Essentials

Don’t miss anything off this list!

– Booking confirmation
– Driver licence
– Itinerary/maps
– Money/credit cards
– Chargers/phones
– Medications

If you are going abroad on an aeroplane or boat, then you’ll need these additional items

– Passports
– Plug adaptor
– Foreign currency
– EHIC card (if European in Europe)
– Travel insurance

Family Holiday Packing Checklist

For the kids…

– Favourite teddy bear
– Reading books for bedtime
– Scrapbooks/activity books
– Baby monitor
– Toys
– Sippy cups
– Bibs
– Bottles/formula/baby food (if needed)
– Changing Mat
– Nappies/baby wipes
– Buggy/buggy shade

For the beach…

– Swimming costumes
– Sun cream
– Sunglasses for you and your children
– Sun Hats
– Towels
– Goggles
– Aftersun
– Tissues

Fun Stuff…

– Cameras
– Chargers
– Favourite DVD
– CD’s
– Tablets
– Buckets & Shapes

Sensible stuff…

– Shampoo/Conditioner
– Toothbrushes and toothpaste
– Flannels
– Small first aid kit
– Re-hydration sachets
– Paracetamol
– Insect repellent/bite relief
– Plastic sandwich bags/carrier bags
– Picnic box/bag
– Water bottles

Once you’ve worked through all these essentials, you know that you are almost finished when it comes to packing. Of course, you will probably have extra additional items you need, but often you will remember these by reading something else already on a list!

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What essentials do you always take on holiday? Let us know in the comments section below.

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